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2011 Kentucky Lineman's Rodeo Recap

Lineman Rodeo Big Success
The Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives’ Safety & Loss Prevention department conducted the seventh Kentucky Lineman’s Rodeo July 29 and 30 on host electric co-op Warren RECC’s grounds.

Not only is this a fantastic showcase of Kentucky linemen talents, it’s also a serious safety event for linemen who work every day with that complex entity known as electricity. This year, almost 100 line workers from 20 co-ops and more than 100 judges and volunteers were part of the rodeo. Competitions can get somewhat competitive but the rodeo is all about camaraderie. That’s why it’s good to see family members come and watch the action.

The first Kentucky Lineman’s Rodeo was in 2005 and more than 70 linemen from 11 Kentucky electric co-ops met at East Kentucky Power’s training facilities to compete.

Since the rodeo began seven years ago, recordable accident incident rates have dropped 32 percent. In 2005 the overall rate among co-ops was 6.49 and in 2010 had dropped to 4.43.

Events at the rodeo include pole climb, phase swap, hurtman rescue, and a mystery event.

Download the 2011 Team and Apprentice results.





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