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Representing Kentucky’s Electric Cooperatives
The Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives provides several services for the 24 local, consumer-owned electric distribution utilities in the state, as well as the two "generation and transmission" cooperatives that produce power for those distribution co-ops. Those services include representation before the Legislature, Congress, and regulatory bodies; safety training; coordination of management training; and public relations support including publication of Kentucky Living magazine. KAEC is governed by a board consisting of one manager and one director from each of its 26 member systems, and is headquartered in Louisville.

Commitment to Community
In addition to providing reliable, affordable electricity, Kentucky’s electric co-ops are committed to the communities in which they serve. Electric co-ops accomplish this goal through a variety of means such as economic development activities, safety demonstrations for school and community groups, and scholarships for college-bound students.


Affiliated Organizations
In addition to providing a host of legislative, communications, and training services to Kentucky's electric cooperatives, KAEC is affiliated with three organizations that serve Kentucky's electric co-ops.


Published to create a community of people who take pride in thinking of themselves as Kentuckians and as knowledgeable electric co-op members, in order to improve their quality of life. Kentucky Living is read by more than one million people each month.


Rural Cooperatives Credit Union, Inc.

Serving more than 5700 electric co-op employees and their families in Kentucky, Missouri, and Ohio, the Rural Cooperatives Credit Union is one of Kentucky's fastest growing credit unions.


United Utility Supply Cooperative Cooperation

Providing more than 230 member electric co-ops in 14 states with electric transformers, poles, and other electric distribution supplies, United Utility Supply is the nation's largest cooperatively owned electric utility supply organization.


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