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Kentucky Lineman's Rodeo

The first Kentucky Lineman's Rodeo was held in August 2005. Nearly 70 linemen competed individually and as teams in a series of events. Competitions are designed to emphasize doing the job right and remaining safe.


September 13-14, 2018
Mayfield, KY
HOSTED by: West Kentucky RECC

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It's a Lineman Thing… You Wouldn't Understand

Called On the Golden Carpet
By Kendall Bush
Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives

I’ve known You since I was just a kid,
But I guess it’s still up to You.
If I get to stay, I’ll work my way,
Cause workin’ is all I ever knew.

It’s nice up here and if I had a chance,
Now I couldn’t do it on my own,
But the old knees feel better and if I had a crew
I could help You keep these bright lights on.

See I had the best job in the world,
Not like the folks on TV
I’m a wood walker, a clumsum, a Lineman
And I’ve seen things they’ll never see.

I saw Your world from the top of a pole.
A beauty that I can’t describe
That first pole in spring after You shed the coat
Doing work with heart and pride.

Most folks said it’s too dangerous,
But the monster never got me,
I did it safe, head in the game
For a good life with my family.

Some of the guys would drink and cuss
They were hard grizzled men.
I’d be lying if I told You different
Some times I’d join right in.

And I missed church a lot when I was on call,
It seemed it would happen every time,
We get ready to go and I’d get a call,
Lights were out somewhere on our lines.

No excuses though, it’s up to You,
I had a life somewhat out of the norm
No hard feelings if You send me packin'
It wouldn’t be the first time I was sent back in a storm.

Hard hat in his hand looking down at his boots
God looked him up and down,
He said I know you
And it’s for sure, I’ve seen you all around.

I saw you at Katrina, Ivan and Andrew
And that ice storm in '92
It seemed every time there was a problem anywhere
You Kentucky boys would always come through.

I heard you the night you cut out at the top
And you got that belly full of wood.
I was the one that helped you kick back in,
And you thanked Me like I knew you would.

I saw the tears and heard the prayers
When your friend lost his life
And at Christmas I saw you get gifts for his kids
And a hundred for his wife.

I was there when you left the family in the basement
They were scared of the storm passing by
It tore out your heart to leave them,
And you asked Me for a watchful eye.

Let Me tell about that crazy life
of a lineman that you lived,
You reached out to help others,
What more could be asked to give?

Now if it weren’t for the biscuits and gravy
You’d still be out there today
Gving it all to keep on the lights
So here’s what I’ve got to say.

Your name's wrote down so enter in,
Up here the coffees always hot,
Over there’s a pole to climb if you take a mind
Without a runway, a steeple or a knot.

Now your crown is this clean new hardhat,
New tools and these golden hooks,
I don’t figure you’re a wing kinda guy
But you can climb that pole and give Heaven a look.

It’s been called the highest profession
Not because they climb the poles
But these hard and determined men
Form a brotherhood that few ever know.

Let it be known throughout the commonwealth
To these young’uns with paint on their hooks
You can’t buy it, touch it, or write it
You’ll never read it in a book.

This lineman’s life that you’ve chosen
Is only passed from heart to heart
And when you get to Heaven
I’ll say this Lineman's on break forever, he’s done his part.

The old crews are waitin'
Ya’ll can spend the ages telling tales 'bout this and that
But don’t worry 'bout the lights, they're always on,
I gotta Son that takes care of that.


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